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Server Status
Nesingwary (PvE)

Welcome. We are the guild <Covenant of Cruorem> (Covenant of Blood) on the US-Nesingwary Server. We raid 10 and 25 man Icecrown Citadel and are 12/12 and 9/12 respectively.

We are recruiting anybody that is reliable, and has good knowledge of their class and the raids. We are in need of tanks, and ranged dps, however we will give anybody a shot that's willing to be prepared and on time for raids.

The guild master is Inmortalis, and the Raid Leader (after GM) is Iconz/Iconzshammy.

For members, use the forums and the calendar especially when you can't get on WoW to see schedules or to let us know if you are going to be late, or cannot show up for a raid. No-showing without giving notice or reason will have consequences in future raids. All raids for the current upcoming week will be shown here on the front page.
   Scheduled Raids for the upcoming week : 
      Group 1 Heroics Wed. 6PM
      Group 1 Continuation TBA
      Group 2 Lich King kill Teus after ICC25
      Group 2 Lick king ...
      Group 3 fresh run thursday 930pm
      Group 4 fresh run Saturday 10pm
      Group #1 tue 5pm
      Group #2 sat 6pm
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